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MENTOR*IN - Mag.a Ursula Rahstorfer

"I’ll write this in English because this was a workshop done for the European branch of our school - BG/BRG Klusemannstraße,where I teach Maths, English and (in this case) International Communication. The workshop dealt with violence in many aspectsof our life. It was really cool to observe the reaction of the students to the different tasks and the high level of interest and participation they showed. This was only possible because Milad Kadkhodaei was able to react very quickly to all questions and keep upthe interaction between students and ‚teacher‘. Many students were personally touched by some of the topicsthat were approached. One of these topics was ‚violence‘ at home, which led to an intensive discussion and also some revelations.I also remember the strong reaction to some religious topics. Altogether once again students learned how important is to use one’sown brain before having an opinion about anything. Thanks a lot!" MAG.a URSULA RADER, Lehrerin BG/BRG Klusemannstraße und OPEN SPACE MENTOR*IN


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